Manpower is a major asset of any industry. Every organization needs skilled manpower at various positions to run the organization successfully and for its development. If you are looking for placement service for hiring candidates then I-Tech Placement is the right solution for you.

I-TECH Placement is dedicated to providing Placement Services in Nashik, India and overseas. We provide reliable placement services in various fields. Our skills and expertise cover hiring solutions and other HR activities and initiatives. A well-developed methodology is adapted to select the potential candidates, fulfilling all the requirements of the hiring organizations. Emerged as one of the trusted sources for delivery of quality manpower services, we offer the opportunity for filling the vacancy from entry level to the top management level.

Our promise to all our most preferred client only quality services. This is possible because of the in-depth domain knowledge that the company has acquired in various industry segments and experts and consultants working with us for our customers.

We strongly believe that candidates must meet not only the technical parameters of the position but also must be able to function successfully with the clients corporate culture, management style and philosophy.

A unique methodology adopted by us to screen the candidates, culls out the gems out of the vast pool of candidates. The candidates selected through our organization are assured of superior skill sets, aptitude, and proficiency who can add value to the employers’ organizations. We provide Placement Service in almost all the sectors.

Contract Hiring in Nashik, India and Worldwide.